When should you call a Motorcycle Accident Laywer?

What you need to know when you have a Moter Vehicle Accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer!

How do I find a motorcycle accident lawyer?

The compensation for you in case of negligent driving by others is determined by the experience and skills of the motorcycle accident lawyers representing you. There are roughly 1.3 million Americans in law practice — almost 170,000 of whom are based in California. The difference between some attorneys is their experience handling particular cases within certain areas of their legal practice. I set up this website in part, to help folks like you connect to personal injury lawyers. Fill out the form or call now to be connected with a personal injury lawyer. My tip for you is to start a pain and suffering journal/diary immediately. In your diary be sure to log the location of pain, the scale of pain on a 1-10 basis, and what medicines you took for the pain.

How do I find a motorcycle accident lawyer?

In my opinion, it is important to think about not just seeking legal advice but to seek out a personal injury/injury lawyer. Motorcycle accidents are unique. During my motorcycle accident lawsuit, I switched from a corporate lawyer to an experienced attorney who specialized in personal injury law. The law firms that practice law specializing in injured victims provided a legal team that can help recover compensation faster and provided a stronger legal recourse to the damages I suffered. Motorcycle accident lawyers will be familiar with common motorcycle accident injuries, will have relationships with insurance companies, and will be seeking damages that will likely include loss of income, personal injury, and property damages. So yes, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can make a large difference in actually indemnifying you. In my case, it meant retraining and a new career, more on that below.

What are the injury lawyer's legal fees?

Most lawyers offer a free consultation. If you have suffered from a personal injury, I highly recommend having a professional injury lawyer give you a free case evaluation. Be sure to discuss specific fees with your attorney. Fees will often be based on a percentage of 25% – 35% if it goes to court is common. The good part is your lawyer will not be paid unless you are compensated.

How long does it take for a motorcycle accident settlement?

Be sure to contact your insurance company early on. Many insurance companies provide standard “no-fault” Accident Benefits immediately after an accident. This means you might have a right to claim them regardless of who is at fault. These benefits often include coverage for medical expenses/treatments, disability payments, and death payments. For an insurance company to settle with you might take some time.

Insurance companies will sometimes pay Property Damages early on. Be sure if you are being paid for the property damages that any release you sign clearly says, “these are only for the property damages as a result of the accident on this date”. Property damages might include the vehicle, clothes, helmet, etc.

Personal injury settlements may take much longer as physical healing can be slow and permanent disability may have resulted from an accident resulting in the need for retraining (see my story below). Although this may take a longer period of time, an insurance company may make an offer to settle earlier on. It is important to discuss the pros and cons of any such offer with your lawyer/attorney.

How much is a motorcycle accident case worth?

Like most accidents, motorcycle accident settlements vary significantly based on the extent of the damages.

Physical property damages + Pain and Suffering + Loss of income + retraining (if necessary) + other damages based on your specifics.


What is the most common injury in a motorcycle accident?

Advice from the best motorcycle accident lawyer

Keep a diary. I can’t remember who told me that but it was solid advice. Further, I kept a record of any medication I took and I kept the receipts. Pain and Suffering on a scale of 1-10, sleep pattern interruptions, basically anything related to the accident. I found my diary supported the medical-legal report provided by my doctor to the motorcycle accident lawyer, my insurance company, and the insurer of the negligent party.

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