what would I do?

What to do after a Car accident?

Stop. Please do not leave the scene of an accident.

Focus. See if anyone has been hurt. Please call 9-1-1 and request an ambulance if anyone has been injured. Now is not the time to establish who is at fault. Focus on the immediate situation.

Care. Don’t move anyone unless they are in immediate danger. Wait for help to arrive. Keep any injured party warm.

Info. In my opinion, if everyone is safe, this is a great time to take out your phone and begin gathering information. Record vehicle(s). Record the time of day and any weather issues. Record any traffic control devices like stop signs. Record vehicle license plates. Try to record or photographic insurance company, policy number, expiry date (if it is expired ask for current insurance papers).

Ask the driver if their name is the name on the registration and insurance. If not, ask the driver for their name and relationship to the owner of the vehicle.

Note if the license plate number, registration, and insurance all seem to match.

Depending on the amount of damage, you may have to have the police attend the scene. If there are no injuries contact the local police Non-Emergency number and ask if you need to have a police officer attend the accident or if you need to go to a police station to complete the paperwork.

If your vehicle is not drivable, you may have to contact a tow truck driver. Have the vehicle towed to a trusted repair shop. (If you tow it home you will likely just have to have it towed again).

Again limit your conversation with the other driver. Be sure to document as much as you can on the police report. Your recording videos may help you in filling out the police report and in recalling details later when speaking with your insurer.

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